Members Committee

As a membership organisation we encourage members to have their say and be involved in running our services. We have a Members Committee at both Belle Isle Trinity Network and Dewsbury Road Trinity Network. Each committee has members that have been elected, two Committee Members are available each day to help around their Network. Their responsibilities include selling bingo and raffle tickets, serving from the sweet shop, helping new members settle in and assisting with fund raising activities.

We hold regular Committee Meetings to discuss future events and activities i.e. trips and holidays. The meetings also provide an ideal opportunity to discuss any issues raised by Members.

One Committee Member from each site is required to attend evening meetings (alternate months) with our Management  Committee who oversee the operations of Trinity Network.

Trinity Network is part of The South Leeds Team Ministry Charity Ltd., and is managed by the United Reformed Church in South Leeds.
Registered Charity No 514118
Address: Nesfield Rd, Leeds LS10 3LG. t: 0113 270 3935 e: